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He groaned as if he was in pain but lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the house. That was the only time we had to go to a barn dance and you ruined it for me.

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  • Ted knew that Linda was purposely causing a scene in front of Elsa.
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    I will keep you with me so you are not a danger to either of them.

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    For all I knew, you would have come into my bedroom thinking something was going to happen. Tanya sat up in the hospital bed, her leg in a cast.

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    She just wanted to get home, and not the antique one they d given her and Ted to rent. When the car pulled up to the front doors, he helped Elsa out of the car and took her by the hand into the house.
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  • Her eyes guided over his strong back while images flashed in her mind. It was surprising that Lucas himself didn t get out and go and get her, if he was even in there.
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    He had to admire her for her ability to speak up, especially when no one ran to her defense. Oh Jesus, he grabbed her arm, Did I do that?

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  • She swallowed hard, forcing the bile back down her throat. She looked down at her paper and noticed that all she was doing was doodling.
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    Lucas took Elsa s hand leading her out the door, Goodnight Linda.

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    I grew up fishing, playing ball, and watching him at the race track.
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    She will see us all broke if she fancies to sit here long enough.

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    Ted shrugged, unwilling to let the marshal know that he intimidated him, even now.

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  • Her expression became serious as she stared up at him. Michelangelo would ache to preserve her beauty in stone, he thought while memorizing her face.
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    Hacked By Tn_Scorpion

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  • What does she 143 Lietha Wards know? he didn t miss her invasion of his privacy.
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    Also I was a little impatient and took you again. He couldn t tell if she was happy or not.
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  • Lucas forced the thoughts into his head and Ian faded into the darkness.
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      Greetz: GHoST_TN

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  • Yes I did, and he does because you interest him, not her.
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    At that moment Lucas felt a familiar surge through him.

  • He reached her bedroom and set her on her feet.
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